Sunday, December 28, 2008


Moshing or slamming refers to the activity in which audience members at live music performances aggressively push or slam into each other. Moshing is frequently accompanied by stage diving, crowd surfing, and headbanging. It is commonly associated with concerts by hardcore punk, heavy metal, and alternative rock and rock artists in general.

Anything i can mosh to!!

No whiny shite.
- Progressive Metal

- Speed Metal- Death Metal

- Black Metal

- Industrial Metal

- Thrash

- Heavy Metal

- Death/Metal/mathcore

- Grunge- Punk

- Melodic Hardcore

- Post-rock

- Rock- Indie

- Trance

- Techno

- Folk

Damm them good..

*system of down




*darkest hour


*static X


*marily manson



*The Black Dahlia murder





Friday, December 26, 2008

wleo gathering

last tuesday,wleo had a gathering at tc wahh thats cool i think?
ok lahh,tp game dye agk bodoh skit lar haha,who win??idk haha
gurls cm x rmai sgt r but boys rmai kott..
mula2 kte plan nk stay till night nk isap shisha jp but khy kne balek awl so x jd r,haha sedeyh tul...hee=p
damm we love each other

my gay partner haha..

hey look im not gay but hey we fucking love each other man!!!=p
thats ayep haha he is best pal i ever have
thx 4 be my pal...luv u sygs haha=p